Studious sloth

October 2, 2006 at 1:46 pm

Yesterday, I had the chance to go on the Kitsap Kolor Klassic (really, the Kitsap Color Classic), but I didn’t.

Excuses were proffered and accepted. I was tired from all the rides I’d done. I needed to work on my deck. I had family committments. All were good.

But in truth, I just didn’t feel like a long ride. So, I went out on a short ride (about 30 miles), and 12 miles into it,┬ámy bike converted itself from a 30-speed to a 2-speed through a break in my rear shifter cable (right at the shift lever). And since you can’t run a chain from the small chainwheel to the small sprocket in the back without a lot of mechanical pain (and risk of chain break), neither of the gears I had were of much use.

A quick look around showed that Richard Dean Anderson was nowhere in sight, so I jury-rigged the shift cable. Here’s what you do:

  1. Shift the bike onto the largest sprocket by pushing the derailuer by hand (watch out for the point parts)
  2. Bend the cable in half sharply in the middle of the exposed section on the downtube.
  3. Tie the bent cable into a single knot. This gives you a loop tied into the cable.
  4. Loop the remaining cable around the front attachment for the cable (where the cable comes out of the sheath from the shifter), back through the loop, and pull it tight.
  5. Wrap the cable around itself, put it back through the loop, and arrange it so it won’t perform minor surgery on your leg as you pedal.
  6. Ride. You may have to readjust it as you go.

Happy was I that this didn’t happen in the middle of a long supported ride. My laziness saved the day!